D E N M A R K Wellness Retreat | 16st – 22nd Jun 2014 Holistic Wellness Retreat – on the Magical Island of Bornholm Regenerate yourself deeply and give a loving gift to your body, mind and soul. The Program includes: Daily Sessions of Yoga practice, breathing and relaxation techniques, special workshops with healing techniques, workshops in massage therapy, lectures on the healing power of nature and on holistic health, diets and cures for regeneration Practice of sun bathing (helio therapy), trips in the lush Bornholm country-side to regenerate through the power of nature, energizing dips in the waters of the Baltic Sea and not to forget two key components – joy and fun: resting times, games, good company, bonfires, movies and much more. The highlight is the annual meditation on the occasion of the Summer Solstice, done in triangulation with Stonehenge and Italy. Read more here Retreat | 10th – 18th July 2014 Maha Vidya Retreat: Tripura Sundari During this special retreat, we will have conferences on many aspects related to Tripura Sundari,. There will be a very special and even unique way of ritualistically integrating the spiritual practice of yoga asanas with the sphere of force of Tripura Sundari, both in individual practice and in the practice of the couple asanas. And one of the highlights of this event will be a special initiation into Active Love which is a special integration into the sphere of power of Tripura Sundari. The retreat will contain lectures, workshops, rituals, meditations and tantric techniques dedicated to deepening your inner experience in the communion with Tripura Sundari. The retreat is Guided by Advaita and Adina Stoian – who have kept Maha Vidya camps to hundreds of people. On 19 July will be kept a Miss Shakti celebration dedicated to Tripura Sundari. Read more here    F I N N L A N D Art Retreat Modules 1 & 2 | 17th-28th June 2014 Spiritual Art Retreat The Spiritual Art Retreat, which takes place in the beautiful countryside in Southern Finland, provides an extraordinary initiation that helps you to fructify the spiritual integration in all creative concrete actions. Furthermore it reveals a spiritual path of divinely inspired creativity for both experienced artists from all fields, as well as for complete beginners in the arts. In addition to the initiation, the retreat begins by celebrating midsummer and continues with lots of joyful creative practices, in a lovingly warm atmosphere, as always. We will also practice Hatha Yoga daily. The retreat suitable for anyone who aspires to find the divine inspiration and integration in a concrete or artistic creative action, be it cooking, painting, massage, singing, lovemaking, design, theater, poetry, dance… – you name it! Read more here    G E R M A N Y Parapsychology Seminar | 18th -21st April 2014 The Art of Dying You shouldn’t be afraid of death, but of never starting to live! Without death there wouldn’t be live. Therefore embracing death already while we live and understanding what awaits us when we die may enrich our life to the greatest. In this seminar we study the esoteric meaning of living and dying in different traditions and phenomena of near death experience and past lives memories, we explore the subtle anatomy of the human being and aim to find an inner attitude towards death that enriches every moment of living. Read more here Meditation Retreat | 12th – 13th July 2014 Vipassana Weekend Enjoy a weekend of introspection and meditation learning about the means, goals and efficient practice of meditation. Doru Bodea will offer a complete introduction into the art of meditation allowing time for deepening your own skills and finding new inspiration for your daily Sadhana. Read more here    G R E A T   B R I T A I N Summer Retreat | 16th – 22nd June 2014 Summer Retreat – Follow Your Inner Bliss Love the life you live. Live the life you love. Knowing that happiness is our true nature, that love is the key to the paradise existing in our soul, this camp will guide you on the journey of living happiness and fulfillment each day. The idyllic surroundings of the Surrey countryside provide the perfect environment for a week of playful and profound soul exploration, connecting and transformation. This year we offer you wonderful revelations and knowledge on a very practical level about how we can make this existence a living miracle by following our inner bliss. We will provide you cosiness, good vegetarian food, entertainment and knowledge. All you need to bring is the openness to transform and to step beyond your limits. ‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet’ said Bob Marley. Well, in this camp, we will be dancing ecstatically in the rain! For more information click here    I T A L Y Tantra Retreat | 3rd – 6th July 2014 The Game of Polarity in the Loving Couple Relationship We gladly invite you to a full long weekend retreat about the Tantric approach in the life of couple, held by Advaitananda and Adina Stoian. It will be presented some aspect of the ancient tantric spiritual knowledge, still and so preciously needed in our modern life in a couple. Understanding the mechanism that increase or decrease the polar attraction between masculine and feminine. Revealing initiatic information how to give a spiritual, elevating and satisfactory impulse to our relation, based on mutual understanding, harmony and sharing the same vision about life, through the differences that complement a man and a woman, by learning to open the heart and awakening the soul. This is an experience for everyone! Be single or in couple, be the first time you approach Tantra or already experienced follower. No previous knowledge is needed. For more information contact: genova@yoga-integrale.it Initiation for women | 28th – 29th June 2014 Extraordinary tantric initiation – the awakening of the occult power of the Yoni Only for female students from the 2nd yoga year up! A genuine erotic revolution that will transform your life forever! This extraordinary tantric initiation reveals and awakens the mantra of the mysterious force centre, Yoni Chakra, within the microcosm of the chosen women. Further training with this secret mantra will activate special energies, which allow specific states of orgasm to be experienced, that culminate in the ecstatic expansion of the consciousness within the spiritual state of Cosmic Orgasm. This initiation awakens the secret focal point of resonance with the sublime and overwhelming occult power of the Yoni – the source of sacred femininity and magic sensuality of tantric initiated women. For more information click here    P O R T U G A L Retreat | 18th-20th April 2014 Selfrevelation Retreat A short retreat with techniques for revealing the self in the picturesque rural Portugal. This retreat of meditation and silence allows us to dive into the depths of self-knowledge, until we reach the awareness of our true essence, Atman.  Read more here Summer Retreat | 5th-12th July 2014 The Galactic consciousness summer camp This camp will again this year be kept in rural Portugal next to Lake Montargil. The camp will among others include a triangulation spiral meditation in Fatima, special techniques for contacting shambala and the extraterrestrial civilizations and their representatives, a special focus on the ET civilization from Sirius and their presence in our solar system. We will enjoy also the beauty of Portuguese summer and end with an ET trance party Read more here    R O M A N I A INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM | 30th April – 11th May 2014 International Spring Symposium for Yoga and Spirituality in the Romanian mountains Enjoy a truly majestic yoga experience in the lush Romanian mountains with a few thousand yogis from all over the world. The twelve days program offers a variety of spiritual activities – certainly the highlights remain the long spiral group meditations with thousands of people that are unique on the planet.   Read more here INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM | 1st – 31st August 2014 International Summer Symposium for Yoga and Spirituality in the Romanian seaside Join thousands of Yogis from ATMAN Federation’s schools all over the globe in a unique summer holiday at Romania’s seaside. A whole month of condensed spiritual activities bringing people together for yoga practice, a variety of lectures, movies, meditations, secret initiations, shows, contests and much more.  Read more here   S W E D E N Workshop | Sunday, 13th of April 2014, 16:00-18:00 Music as therapy The sound is the first we experience as fetus. The sounds accompany us all our life, in different forms and intensity.
we invite you to an exciting and hands-on workshop that introduces you to the music’s healing properties.
You will together train very effective therapy methods using sound and music. Read more here Workshop | Sunday 11th of May 2014, 16:00-18:00 Open your Heart The heart has reasons that the rational mind can not understand. You can never love too much: there is always room for more love. Being open-hearted, loving, spontaneous and full of compassion are essential qualities that a person needs on their spiritual path. A continuous, effective personal development requires a lot of patience and love.
Together we learn to open our hearts through yoga exercises and meditation. Read more here